Parenting during Covid-19

Parenting during Covid-19

Have you been struggling with parenting during COVID-19?  It can be challenging for parents to have to homeschool their children due to the pandemic. Children thrive to a routine schedule, and most of parents were struggling with the rupture of their routine. School closures, and kids home all day could be loving and challenging at the same time.

There are five helpful ways that parents can do during this challenge time:

  • Try to establish a routine for the children with mealtimes, bedtimes, and technology times.
  • Have a designated time to take the children for a walk or bike ride. It is important to do an outdoor activity with them, so they can get fresh air.
  • Find out new activities to do with your children; something creative, such as, painting, cooking, or doing an experiment with them.
  • Cherish good moments with your children during this time; tell them how much you love them!

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